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Poems to my daughter -The bookThe Inspirational energy in creating this book breathed and lived around the author.  Rebecca truly believed that without emotion there was no knowledge.  Although truth is to be taken seriously, people must be aware of its force in order to experience its essence. Therefore, she says to you, that no amount of knowledge can prepare you for the unfortunate.  Poems to My Daughter is a biographical book of poetry containing thoughts of how she was able to move on after the loss of her daughter, of trying to forget those things that are behind and of reaching for those the things  that were before her; that felt so distant.  It is about her journey in healing and her son Joshua. 
by Rebecca Flores (Author & Designer), Dionne Montgomery (Editor) & Abigail Deschamps (Translator)  – English & Spanish side by side    ($15.00)
BookCoverImageThe author discovered how to empower people with expressions of encouragement using the word ART for mental visual to inspire wisdom for everyday considerations and use of motivation.  ART encouragement quotes is an essential book written for everyone who wants to learn and value the everyday.  ART and nature along with its concepts of life and visions are theories interpreted by our experience.   (Order Now)
by Rebecca Flores (Author & Designer), Ane Mendiburu (Translator), Lydia Perez (Translator)  – English & Spanish side by side    ($13.50) (order Now)
Elements of life-the Book
(Edited Version) Will be available soon, Stay tuned!