Rebecca Flores




Flores was born in New York and raised in the South Bronx. She moved to Rhode Island in 1990. A painter since the age of 10, Flores achieved one of her childhood dreams of owning and operating her own gallery, located in Onset, Massachusetts.  Art lovers of all genres have long been collecting her works in the United States and throughout Puerto Rico.

After tragically losing her 18-year-old daughter Natasha Love Gonsalves in 2008 through a senseless act of teen violence, she decided to forge ahead with her passion and her mission to inspire and empower her audience by helping them realize their faith, vision, and energy to believe – through mental health counseling and expressive arts.

Rebecca came to a decision one day after an art exhibition, to originate a word that would describe her unique style of art techniques and presentation.  She started with the English word, “believe” and the  Spanish word, “Ser.”  She took the English suffix of believe, “lieve,”  which means willing, and incorporated it with the Spanish word “Ser,” meaning  to be, she thoughtfully developed and created the word “SerLieveTM.”  In Rebecca’s world of  inspiration, “SerLieveTM means to be willing to exist with Spiritual confidence, trust, vitality and accept experiences meant for discovering ourselves.”

Using her aspiration to continue her inspiration, SerLieve Apparel Designs – her art on clothing was born.

Flores is the best selling author of three books – two written in poetry (Elements of Life, and Poems to My Daughter, and one on quotes, entitled SerLieve: Art Encouragement Quotes in both English and Spanish. She is an art philosopher, mental health counselor/expressive art therapist, visual artist, designer, art coach, special art educator, advocate, producer, health education activist, and businesswoman.

Flores decided she wanted to make a difference in the lives of women and our youth.  To accomplish this goal, she took her natural talents and decided to give back, by utilizing her art and poetry as a vehicle to educate and improve awareness of the health challenges facing society.  Flores acknowledge how social, physical, emotional, and psychological awareness affects all ages, however with proper guidance, individuals can learn and open their hearts in understanding a different kind of mental health.  A multi-faceted artist by profession, Flores has a master’s degree in Psychology and is a natural Teacher and Mentor.  In addition, Flores is the Founder of The Natasha Love Foundation for non-violence, a non-profit organization established in her daughter’s memory.

During her art exhibits, Flores melodically lectures and recites poetry while a mixture of her paintings, sculptures poetry, quotations, and other works are beautifully displayed.  This serves as her trademark, if you will, and helps her continue her journey in healing as a mental health counselor/expressive art therapist and philanthropist, through her teachings and mentoring to women and disadvantaged youth.

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