Rebecca facilitated two company women’s expressive art training group sessions for over 25 working women to ease stress, and help take our minds off things. We still talk about how much we enjoyed ourselves both times. Rebecca was well organized, provided us with all materials needed including set up at the location, and everyone had professional art supplies of their own. What I enjoyed most is how she made us feel important, helped us not to forget that we need and deserve downtime and self-care. All the women basically had no art skills. I was amazed how everyone’s pieces reflected their personal touch, were deeply engrossed in their activity and the flow seemed to have improved their mindset. The women mentioned how it lowered their stress levels. Rebecca was great at breaking down the steps in ways we can understand. She provided a personal and entertaining experience.

Christina (Tina) I, Shrewsbury, MA – 11/2018


While attending Rebecca’s training, I felt very relaxed and at ease. She had us do deep calming breathing exercises and also air doodle words of emotions where you just go with your body and feel the energy. I truly liked that! I would love to attend another training.

Kaitlin S, Providence, RI – 6/2019


Rebecca kicked off our foster parents’ training on Alternatives Therapies with guided breathing and relaxation. She provided ambient music while leading people with her soothing voice through all levels of participation. She moved the Zoom room into an art exercise with clear directions and plenty of space and invitation to reflect. Participants noted they felt calm, relaxed focused, and supported. Other comments referenced the need for quiet and unplugging, especially during this last year. one participant mentioned a very difficult time of recent losses and how attending made her feel connected again to people. Very restorative experience!

Nanette T, BA, Providence, RI – 03/2021