Counseling Testimonials

I have been working with Rebecca for about a year now, both at her office space. and online. When Rebecca guides me in using expressive arts during our sessions, it brings a different perspective and joy. I have found the focus to be extremely useful in helping me solve my unmotivated and unproductive feelings. It is very insightful to know that I can surprise myself in discovering areas of my life that bring creativity and positivity.

Ester R, Cranston RI 01/2021


Since working with Rebecca, she has been resourceful and mindful towards my situations. Rebecca opened my eyes to help build my self-esteem during a time of relationship separation. At first, I was hesitant about whether counseling would help and work for me. However, I gave it a try anyway and realized how worthwhile and excited I felt after. She made me understand the importance of counseling and wellness. Each session was unique and could not wait to continue my weekly therapy sessions with her. Today, I owe gratitude to Rebecca for showing me how to believe in myself, and that I could do, be and have anything I want so long as I do not lose focus on who I am. Thank you, Rebecca.

William D, West Warwick RI


My teenage daughter was seeing Rebecca for counseling 3 months ago. I want Rebecca to know how she turned my daughter’s perspective of life using art to expressive herself made a big difference. My daughter was not sure how art would help with her emotions and anxiety. On the first day of meeting Rebecca, her artwork and reading her bio, made my daughter feel ecstatic. That day she decided to stay and learn more on how art helps with coping and healing. After 4mths of expressive arts and counseling my daughter now takes monthly art classes with Rebecca creating projects after projects.

Sabrina K, Providence, RI 02/2021