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Rebecca hangs her expressive media art at Providence City Hall for the Culture and Tourism in celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month


Atrium Gallery – State Latin American Art Exhibition – Providence, RI (September)


The Strand  -“RAW” – Collaboration – Providence, RI (September)


URI Gallery-“Women Having Their Say” – Collaboration-Providence, RI (March)

AS220 Art Gallery -“Spiritual Truth”- Collaboration-Providence, RI (January)


Hart Senate Building – Washington, DC (June 2015- June 2016)

Hart Krause Gallery, Through Your Eyes Exhibition -Moses Brown – Prov.,  RI (June)

Mixed Magic Theatre – The Vagina Monologue Art Exhibition, Pawtucket, RI   (April)

City Arts, Providence, RI (February)

Warwick Museum of Art – Latin American Traveling Exhibition, Warwick, RI (Jan)


Museum – Coleman Center, Newport, RI (November)

University of Rhode Island- Fine Arts Center, North Kingston, RI (Nov)

13th Annual State Latin American Art Exhibition- Atrium Gallery, Prov., RI  (Oct)

Providence City Hall-Art , Culture and Touriusm (Hisp. Herit. Month) -( Sept – Nov)

First Unitarium Church, One Benevolent Street, Prov., RI (Atrium Gallery) Peace Art Exhibition) (Sept.)

Pannone, Lopes & Devereaux, LLC, 317 Iron Horse Way, Providence, RI  (July – Pres.)

AS220, 165 Empire St, Providence, RI (June)

39 West Restaurant & Lounge “An Inspiration of Love” solo exhibition (April)
Wiggins Center, Prov, RI, “Inner Peace” solo exhibition (April)
The Wamsutta Club, New Bedford, MA, “A SerLieve” solo exhibition (February)
The Underground Railroad, New Bedford, MA, “A Valentine’s” solo exhibition (February)
Newport Art Museum, Newport, RI, juried exhibition Won First Prize/Best Painting (Feb.)


Hotel Providence, Prov. RI, “Boundaries” solo exhibition (November)
D’Vine on the Hill, Prov, RI, “Aura” solo exhibition, (October)
Butterfly Studio, Cranston, RI, Poems to my Daughter”, solo exhibition & book signing “ (September)
Hope Gallery, Bristol, RI, “Earth, Wind and Fire”, juried collaboration exhibition (August)
Straight Up Café, Worcester, MA,  “Poems to my Daughter”, solo exhibition and book signing (August)
Tsetse Gallery, Prov. RI, “Nature, Nurture, Hope:  A Different Kind of Mental Health, solo exhibition (May)
Eboney Brown, Prov. RI , “Poems to my Daughter”, solo exhibition & book signing (Feb.)
Siena Restaurant, Prov, RI, “Poems to my Daughter”, solo exhibition & book signing (Jan.)
The Lobster House, Falmouth, MA “Poems to my Daughter” solo exhibition & book signing


Sujeis Marquez, Webster, MA, “Poems to my Daughter”, solo exhibition and book signing (December)
Providence Community Library, Prov, RI,  “Poems to my Daughter”, solo exhibition and book signing (June)
Riverview Lobster House, Yarmouth, MA, “Poems to my Daughter”, solo exhibition and book signing (May)
Blaze Restaurant, Prov, RI, “Poems to my Daughter”, solo exhibition & book signing (April)
Ti Adoro Jewerly, Prov, RI, “Poems to my Daughter”, solo exhibition & book signing (Feb.)


Francisco Oller Museo de Arte, Puerto Rico, “Elements of Life- Elementos de Vida”, Solo exhibition (April)
(Sene) Peace and Love Studio, Pawtucket, RI., Collaboration exhibition (April)


Community Revival Team, Hartford, CT, “Grandmothers Raising Grandchildren”, Solo Invitational  exhibition and Lecture (May
Johnson & Wales University, Intercultural Center, Providence, RI “Our Family and Our Community”, Solo Exhibition and Lecture)
JM Kennedy Dance Studio, Pawtucket, RI-“Fundraiser and Showing”, Group Exhibition (September)
Nattie’s Galeria/Natasha Love Foundation, Cranston, RI –“Remembering Natasha”, Celebrating Love, Peace, Unity and Awareness for an accomplished young lady with the impact of choice, Solo Exhibition and Lecture


Nattie’s Galeria, Inc., Cranston, RI-“Black History”, “Freedom and Unity”, Group Exhibition (February)
Hartford Civic Center, Hartford, CT- “Latina Symposium”, “Advancing Women” Solo Exhibition and Lecture (May)
Hope Artistic Village, Pawtucket, RI-“Inspirational Weekend”, Solo Exhibition (June)
Latin Art Exp, Atrium Gallery, Providence, RI-“Hispanic Heritage Month”, Group Exhibition (September)


RI Black Heritage Society, Providence, RI-“Auction and Solo Exhibition” (February)
Latina Symposium, Hartford, CT- “Our Youth and Their Passion”, Invitational Exhibition and Lecture (May)
Nattie’s Galeria, Cranston, RI-“Fashion Show & Art Exhibition”, Group Show, Recognizing our People & Fashion (September)
Rhode Island Hispanic American Chamber of Commerce, Providence, RI-Business Expose


Nattie’s Galleria, Inc., Cranston, RI-“Black History Month”, Group Exhibition (February)
Johnson & Wales University, Multicultural Ctr, Providence, RI-“Hispanic Heritage” Solo Exhibition and Lecture (April)


Rachel’s Pastanova, Providence, RI “Summer Exhibition” Invitational Exhibition” (April)
Cranston Public Library, Sockanosett Crossing, Cranston, RI-“Cranston Artist”, Solo Exhibition (July)
The TSETSE Gallery, Providence, RI-“Celebrating Women”, Solo Exhibition and Lecture (August)
Latin Art Expo, Atrium Gallery, Providence, RI-“Hispanic Heritage”  Group Exhibition (September)


The Diabetes Foundation, Newport, RI-“Silent Auction& Exhibition” Fundraiser Invitational Exhibition (June)
The Puerto Rican Parade Festival Dinner, Warwick, RI-“Arts & Culture”, Invitational Exhibition (June)
The American Cancer Society, Warwick, RI-“Silent Auction & Exhibition”, Fundraiser Solo Exhibition (July)
The RI Preservation Commission Festival, Providence, RI- “Community Group Art Exhibition” (August)
Latin Art Expo, Atrium Gallery, Providence, RI-“Hispanic Heritage”, Group Exhibition (September)
Arts & Antiques, RI PBS, Providence, RI- “Silent Auction & Exhibition” Group Artist (November)


RI Historical Preservation Commission Festival, Providence, RI-“Community Group Exhibition” (August)
State House, Providence, RI-“Solo Exhibition” (September)


Fleet Bank, Providence, RI-“Hispanic Heritage Month”, “Solo Exhibition” (September)


Puertorriquenos Parade Dinner, Providence, RI-“Recognition Arts Award”-Solo Exhibition (June)
Chelos, Warwick, RI-“Celebrating Business and Art”-Solo Exhibition (September)


Onset Creative Arts, Onset, MA-“Jazz Festival”, Community Group Exhibition (July)
Hillside Nursing Home, Providence, RI-“Therapy Exhibition for Residents”, Solo Exhibition (August)


Community College of Rhode Island, Lincoln, RI-“Heritage Group Exhibition” (April)
Onset Bay Gallery, Onset MA-“Group Exhibition”, Gallery Opening Night (October)


Cape Verdean Festival, Providence, RI-“Cultural Art” Community Invitational Exhibition” (July)
Rachel’s Pastanova, Providence, RI-“Restaurant Opening”, One Month Solo Showing, (July)


Barros Center for the Arts, Providence RI-“Family Life Style”, Solo Exhibition (August)

Barros Art Gallery/Art Studio, Providence, RI -“Community Art Work” Solo  Exhibition (October)

“Live, Grow, Inspire and Develop”